After 8 years since i started wrote my first blog in 2007, i have been dreaming of having my own site. Umm, it’d be nice if i don’t have to put a free domain after my name such as blogspot that i had previously (Live, Life, Me). (dot) com seems nice huh? But with help of a lovely friend that just randomly bought a domain from me, Voila! there it is! ghinafiliana.com. Sounds awesome for me.

Since i’m starting a new blog, in a completely new website, i will be writing a lot from now on. Yeah, wish me luck with that. But i promise i will!

The topics could be life, my opinion about various topics, people’s life, or my own life which i consider would be the most of it. I might not be the best writer compare to any blogger, but my purpose is to get things and thoughts out of my mind, just in case i forgot it the day after, and write it down here so people could read it and maybe could have discussion later on. I really want to encourage many young people, including me,  to speak up about their opinion.

I’m up for many things including crazy unusual discussions, or maybe videos 😉 So, if you have some things for me to discuss or even to do, let me know. And i’ll make it happen.

Let’s create many stories and speak up!

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