We need more scholarship for internationals


I heard right now there are many universities limit the amount of scholarship that they are giving for students. Heartbreaking. I know.

For some students like me that rely on scholarship in order to get an education, this situation is sad. I know many smart-ass students that are still in high school hope to get scholarship for continuing their education. Cause, really, going to school is NOT a privilege for some of us.

Going to school means you have to pay, like a LOT, and compete with many brainiac people of course. But at the end, the school only accept kids that have money to pay for tuition.


But think about it, if you give scholarship or funds to kids that deserve this opportunity, it will change their life, forever.

At least i will not be here right now if i did not get a scholarship to go to the US nine years ago.

I will not be here if i don’t get scholarship from my universities.¬†In fact, i probably would be sitting at home, staring at the wall, try to pretend that i’m useful. Seriously.

Scholarship is changing people’s life, including mine. It gives us a whole new perspective to see the world, meet many people from different backgrounds and nationality, and i would not be able to share my knowledge to the others.

The power of sharing is extremely IMPORTANT. By offering scholarship, you offer the others to receive the knowledge, and it goes on and on. Like a chain.

That’s how important it is.