Why Denmark?

Since the first time i came to Denmark and introduced myself as an International student coming from Indonesia, a lot of people have been asking me why did i choose Denmark as my study destination. Most of my friends wonder why didn’t i choose to study to the countries nearby? Well, i have my own reasons to answer.

To be honest, a lot of Indonesians don’t really know Denmark. At least i didn’t. I even just found out just before my departure that Lego and Little Mermaid are originally from Denmark. Excuse my ignorance. But then, at at time i got information about scholarship to Aarhus University in Denmark, I googled everything. Well, the information were pretty much general. The happiest nation in the world, Viking, and high education quality are all i got from google. I asked my family and my friends if they know anything about Denmark, and the answer was they had little or no idea.

So why do i risk all the uncertainties that i had, and still applied for university in Denmark?

Because I want to be the person who’ve been to a country that not many Indonesian know about. Yup, anti mainstream! How cool is that when most people went to many famous country such as USA, UK, or Australia (which are still  awesome destinations to study, btw) and you tell them that you have been in Denmark? Nothing is cooler than that.

Just think about it, not only Denmark has been one of the highest ranking in their education, but it also has that famous Scandinavian and Viking lifestyle that many people are always wondering about. Plus, Denmark is attached to Europe (as a land) where you can travel to many European countries by train. And travelling in Europe is cheaper compare to travelling in Indonesia (sad).

Yes, my motto is travelling while studying. Not vice versa.

There are still many things that can express my reasons why I chose Denmark at the very first place. And i never regret my decision. In fact, i’m in love in this country. Despite the never-ending cold weather and grey sky for months, i love the atmosphere that this country has and the smiles on people’s face that sometimes makes you wonder, why did they smile at me? I don’t know them. But that’s what Danes usually do. At least in Aarhus. Whenever i walked and unintentionally catch someone by eyes, they smile to you and say, “Hej!”

For those of you who want to study abroad, don’t limit yourself by one option. Go look beyond other people’s choices and don’t be scared! Sometimes the choice that no one ever think of would be the option that work best for you.

As in scholarship, there are plenty of scholarship out there. Don’t just rely on one scholarship, but do some research on what kind of scholarship out there. I have been living with full scholarship since i had my bachelor degree and now during my master, so I will never stop telling people that, Hey, it is totally possible! Never give up and trust yourself that, YES, you will get the scholarship abroad. Try harder, stop making excuses, and go explore the world out there!